Foreign tourists appreciate traditional music saronen – The regency bearing the symbol of the flying horse which is at the easternmost tip of Madura Island, this time was flooded with foreign tourists (tourists). Wednesday (1/3/2023).

based on the recognition Head of the Culture Youth, Sports and Tourism Office (Disbudporapar) Mohammad Iksan, there were 116 tourists coming from America and Australia visiting Sumenep district.

“Today we have tourists coming from America and then also from Australia so there are 116 tourists in all,” said Iksan, when contacted by this media. Wednesday (1/3).

iksan said, that when tourists arrived at Sumenep district, they were immediately treated to Saronen, which is one of the traditional arts. Apart from that, said Iksan, his party also presented traditional Sumenep culinary specialties.

“Earlier we visited the palace museum, then we also presented traditional arts, namely SARONEN, then we served traditional culinary delights in Sumenep district, for example there are apples, getas, cassava chips and others,” said Iksan to Gempardata. Com

the former head of the social service was grateful because the response from the tourists who visited the Sumenep district was extraordinary, they were very impressed with the traditional arts and culinary culture of Sumenep district.

While at the Museum, the Sumenep Regency Government through the related OPD also introduced the keris and how it was made from Aeng Tongtong Village, not only that, Iksan also introduced how to make batik. “And there are batik products that are bought by tourists,” he added.

Therefore, said Iksan, the anchoring of the foreign tourists’ ship showed that the Sumenep Regency Government was ready and could be visited by foreign tourists safely and nothing happened.

“In the future, we will always establish communication and coordination as well as cooperate with travel agents abroad,” he said.

so said Iksan, cruise ships that will come to Sumenep are ready to be welcomed and in accordance with what he has said, will apply Sapta Pesona to provide pleasure, comfort, beauty as well as memories that can be obtained by foreign tourists.(red)